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Fans at Qatar Total Open 2015

Fans at Qatar Total Open 2015


Qatar Total Open 2015

Players at Qatar Total Open 2015

Instagram essay

While I was waiting for the Tour of Qatar 2015 second stage to start, I was approached by few fishermen based in Al Wakrah Port. After greetings and some small talk, the idea of a photo essay for Instagram played with my imagination. I quickly took out my Xperia Z3 Compact, switched to B&W and started taking photos. All the images are as shot with the phone using the Camringo Lite app (which I strongly recommend) and with no edits.

On the road in Nepal – Road trip to Chitwan

I always believed that if you really want to experience a new country, you must do a road trip. So, during my recent trip to Nepal, I wasn’t going to miss the chance to hit the road.

Oblivious to the traffic and against the best advice of my friend Sachin, I decided to find somebody to drive me from Kathmandu to Chitwan (some 150 km). In my mind, this distance wasn’t supposed to keep us on the road for more than maximum 4 hours. I was proven wrong. The horrible traffic and road conditions stretched the time needed to more than 6 hours.

As I managed to get over the shock of getting out of Kathmandu, mainly cause by the desire of getting to my destination alive seeing all the trucks and busses speeding through the sharp turns and madly overtaking one another, I pointed my camera out the window at the side of the road in an attempt to capture something more.

This is a small selection of images taken from the car on the way to Chitwan.

Quick photo tour of Souq Waqif

The watchmaker

The perfume seller

The craftsman of music

The craftsmen of local fashion

The artist of the sand bottle