Third day in Nepal

Made my third day about people, to go in tune with my morning meeting with the Nepali blind women cricket team (yes, the team exists and they are some kick ass cricketers).

I occupied a small corner of a ledge by bullying a local away with my cigarette smoke, and sat there for a while just people watching. Children running around, women listening to a live band chanting some song (that I can only guess had something to do with spirituality as I kept asking what was going on and the only answer I got was “it is festival, festival…you know, festival”), and men discussing politics and the news of the day and giving me some competition at trying to catch in my sight as many passers by as I could.

The two children in the photo were amazing. I played with them for twenty minutes or so and took few photos until the mother, probably guided by her instincts and after realizing I enjoy her kids company a bit too much, called them away with a grave tone. (I was just probably feeling a bit lonely in the middle of the buzzing crowd).

And then more people watching till the darkness of the night slowly descended upon the beautiful Patan Durbar Square.

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