Wired !!!

It is wired how a single moment, a split second, can make or break everything. Sometimes you wonder if it is worth putting too much into a single moment when you know that the next one can come like a bomb and blast everything into little pieces and wipe our memory of everything else but that ugly moment when everything went down the drain .
I like to say it is worth it, big time….as all we have are just these moments. A touch, a smile, a deep breath, a tear…that is all…never more…never less.


“Everything is a joke”…weirdly enough, I actually start to believe that. That hard to get kind of joke…and those who get it and laugh their asses off are the happiest ones. But the rest of us, those who don’t get it just yet, are stuck in the confusion of why and what and makes us wonder if we will ever get it !… We may…or we may not… I guess that’s the gamble we have to take on with about 50-50 chances. My mom always told me I was born under a lucky star, so I’ll take my chances and put in the effort of trying to get it with the hope I don’t cross the fine line were I’ll be trying to hard.


“These flowers are special to me…and they will always be…as I put in them everything I wished, dreamed and hoped for.”


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