Believes or Faith !

There are three things I will always believe in (or I can even say I’ll have “faith” in) :

– Love
– The Power of Truth
– Me

Everything else it seems , at the least, questionable. To me it does. I might be wrong here, but for any of these three from the above ,details do not count because themselves are details of our life that make it worth while. And to not leave it just like this…let’s see.

Love – …is or isn’t (with the meaning of romantic love). It takes us about 6 seconds to unconsciously decide if we like or we don’t like somebody. It doesn’t take much longer to fall in love. What follows is just detail and that it is honestly not important for we all know that this inexplicable and extraordinary feeling, if it takes over our heart, it takes over all our senses . And if it doesn’t , then it is not Love in the most powerful sense of the word. It might be something else….but that is all. I am a strong believer in “love at first sight”, whether we are aware of it or not. Love at the second month’s sight is just pushing the inevitable wired end or life long numbness and self pity.

The Power of Truth – …as long as it is the truth, details are insignificant, whatever they might be.

And ME – …why wouldn’t I believe in me regardless of details? They do not matter for me is me, and will always be, and if I don’t accept me as I am (in an everlasting journey of learning and discovery ) with my passions,giving 100% in everything I do, with my curiosity , my desires, my aspirations and my dreams, then who else will ever be ready to accept me? You see, on an individual note, I don’t mean that I accept the way I am, and that is final, but I accept me at every moment, with all the new experiences that come and go, with all the changes that occur in my crazy mind and life. And on the same note, I will never compare myself to others.Not even with me in the past. Never… I am who I am now…and I will be whom I will be after I write this post, even if I will be a slightly different person , but I will still be ME only from few minutes later.

Everything else is questionable at one point or another….
Sure this can develop in a lengthy conversation and there can be more arguments for and against what I wrote above ,and I might just try to expand on the subject in a different post, but generally we start “dying” if we ever loose faith in any these three things.

But that is just me !…..it would be interesting to hear what you have to say



2 responses

  1. Jamie's Esthetics

    well put/said. 🙂
    it seems… seems it would be difficult to have one without the other being involved.
    Beautiful yellow in the flower too!

    May 23, 2013 at 06:43

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