Moments in Life !

I often find myself just walking the streets, sometimes the plain desert, in search of nothing. Just moving along, in line with my thoughts towards the nothingness that floats above everything. I see, I touch and I wonder what would all be if I wasn’t me. What if I was you? Would everything look the same?
I swim in the reality of my perception, in the reality of my mind and I know when I will get to the shore I will cease to be. But the shore looks too far away, and that is a good sign as I can keep swimming in these troubled fields of my imagination and carry on with being me.
I open my eyes and see the light reflecting and giving shape and colour to the ever floating multitude of atoms that pulsate and vibrate creating the matter that I call my reality. Weirdly enough, nobody else calls it the same. Some call it my madness, others my dreams, but not me……I call it reality. My dreams are much more than the mere daily nothing. My dreams are even more nothing…but yet are mine, I cherish them and strive to achieve them ,which I might very well do one day. But then they will still be nothing. When I will get to the shore, tired of swimming, while waiting for my cessation, I will not be able to take them with me, I will have nothing and nothing will follow me any further.



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