Snaps and thoughts !

These are just some snapshots of Dubai International Airport. Couple of days back I spent almost twelve hours there. Huge and beautiful airport with everything your heart desires readily and easily available for decent prices. Luxury brands available at every turn of the head, luxurious hotels here and there, restaurants and bars that serve all the food and drinks you ever want. People , like ants, going by their business, running to catch a flight or spending some money from the budget they have for their vacation on things they don’t really need , or looking for that place where they can enjoy the difficult to understand pleasure of inhaling the smoke out of a fine cigarette while gently sipping some caffeine.

And yet, you start getting a quite uneasy feeling when you know that , despite having all the life’s small pleasures there, at your wallet’s desire and possibility, you are stuck in a bubble, you don’t smell the wind and you don’t really feel the sun burning your skin. You can not go anywhere until it is facilitated to you.

Probably, seeing the speed of evolution in technology and in peoples dreams, during our lifetime , we will get closer to having colonies, trying to continue life in the vast universe our planet is a grain of. Would I be able to adapt to such a life? Would I ever want to live such a life? Not sure…and I am glad that I might actually not need to find out (or at least I can hope I don’t need to find that out) .


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