Collateral Victims of Our Society …!!!

Yes….victims of our society… !!! And we can not relieve us self of that responsibility for we are an integral part of the society we live in. I am a believer in democracy, in the survival of the fittest ….but yet I can not ignore my very human feeling of solidarity , of guilt, when I see innocent children alone in their suffering for which they have no fault. Many people argue that they are the responsibility of their parents and the system. That is a very convenient statement for it takes all the burden off our shoulders.

I have recently met an old friend, a wonderful mother of her own, that together with another couple of amazing ladies has struggled to put together a small charity organization to try to make a change in these children’s life. I have joined them during one of their modest activities and I was touched by how simple, how little it takes to bring joy in the struggling life of these poor helpless children. An old toy, an old pair of shoes, some clothes we usually just throw away…a school bag that our children just don’t like anymore … all of these can help put a smile on a face of an innocent child that probably lived next door, but he was too poor or challenged and ended up in some institution were his life has become nothing but even harder and he ended up as just another statistic.

Even though I have to admit I haven’t done nearly as much as I could, I still dare (even if I might appear to be an hypocrite) to urge you all to not just turn your back at this social problem. As I have already mentioned, these children are a product of our society , an outcome of our every day actions and decisions, and we should not run away from that responsibility. I know our tax money pay for the institutions that care for them , but is that enough? are we not capable to do just a little bit more? Are we not human enough anymore ? I may seem to be a dreamer but I like to believe we can do just a bit more, and that bit is often enough to improve the quality of life for many of the poor, alone, suffering innocent children .

In today’s life in our beloved country of Romania (and not only), it just seems that we have become less human, and more like primates living in a concrete jungle, were we take on our social responsibilities only if we have a personal benefit to take advantage off. We can not blame anybody for it even though we try to blame governments and politicians, or the economy , lack of jobs and so on. We still can not be excused for passively accepting these beautiful amazing children as collateral victims and condemn them to a miserable life lacking the most basic needs to survive and prosper as members of the very own society we so proudly claim to belong to.

So step up and help organization like The Association “You Are Not Alone” to make a small change, or go out and help on your own and I promise you will find it to be well worth it.

The images were taken with the cooperation of The Association “You Are Not Alone” during an Easter inspired activity at “Aurora” Educational Center.


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  1. Reblogged this on CollectiveCompositions! and commented:
    Beautiful children. Innocent souls.

    July 10, 2012 at 08:04

  2. My heart is breaking. What a truly beautiful soul you are my friend. Your compassion and humanity are humbling. Bless you.

    July 10, 2012 at 08:01

  3. I was reading throught some of the posts and i identify them to be awfully interesting. sorry my english is not exaclty the very best. would there be anyway to transalte this into my patois, spanish. it would in reality usurp me a lot. since i could compare the english lingo to the spanish language.

    April 12, 2012 at 15:10

  4. beautiful photos and thought provoking post

    April 9, 2012 at 03:52

  5. Wonderful photographs. You state you believe in survival of the fittest. While I believe in it, for it most certainly exists, I do not support it. Survival of the fittest is based on conquest and selfishness, not on love; love is in direct opposition to survival of the fittest. If we all acted more out of love and less out of selfishness, these children could have certain hope for a better tomorrow.

    April 5, 2012 at 23:13

    • I do believe in the survival of the fittest because I actually see (my opinion) that it can not be equality for all (we can just hope for equal opportunity). That is the society we created .The survival of the fittest is necessary. We are just too many !!! But that doesn’t mean I do not believe in love. I don’t think love is in direct opposition with survival of the fittest as I meant that in a more metaphoric way rather than the jungle sense. I certainly believe that we should provide and facilitate for this children to let them have at least a fairly equal opportunity with all other children . Thank you…and you do have a great point there. Love might just be the answer…!!!

      April 6, 2012 at 00:30

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