Frozen Landscapes – Searching for Spring !!!

It is the beginning of March and we are still stuck in winter here. It is wired for this time of the year to not see any of the beautiful spring flowers. It seems that weather changed, winter starts later and finishes later. I was told it is the global warming phenomena. I did some reading about this global warming …and it just doesn’t seem to be that. It just looks like every year the seasons just shift a bit. They still last more or less three months each , they just don’t start anymore when they used to. I observed that every few years, seasons seem to be starting a bit later and finish later . My own observations make me a bit reticent to the entire global warming theory. And the fact that it kick started a billions dollars business like Emissions Trading (that didn’t proved to be particularly useful other than make millions for some organizations ) doesn’t help in making me a believer. That doesn’t mean that I am not against pollution.

Anyway , I diverted a bit to a subject I am not very familiar with…!!!

About the photos…I took a short trip today with my best friend and I had the chance to take some landscape photos. The weather was not as good as I wished for . I was hoping to see a bit of the long awaited spring out there in the country, but it seems that winter doesn’t want to leave just yet. Nevertheless the scenery was still breathtaking.

In this post are a few of the images. I hope you enjoy them…!!!


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  1. I absolutely love these frozen landscapes.

    March 11, 2012 at 23:10

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