Just a Thought

I took these shots about a week back. It started with just fooling around with my camera, playing with the settings and just trying to keep entertained in some way. I was thinking for a while now about a photo about money,and I even tried a few in the past, but I was calmed down a bit in my enthusiasm because of the stereotype of it all. You can see almost at every corner a money shot (literally). But my sarcastic imagination didn’t allowed me to remove from my memory the “philosophical” questions : “are money the root of all evil?” and “can money bring happiness?”.
So i started analyzing yet again this trough my brain and almost caused my glial cells to fail but at the end, after managing to cool off all that electrical activity with couple of glasses with icy cold tap water,I have succeeded in coming up with couple of conclusions. The first question I found it to be a bit moronic ; why? because people are the root of all evil, with absolutely no exceptions. It is that simple that whom ever came up with this and realized for the first time that nothing but us, the “supreme race”, are the root of all evil, didn’t actually needed to be some sort of genius, he just needed to use his mental capacity to a bare minimum required from a human being.
Second question is a bit more complex and can draw more answers. But in my humble opinion, money can certainly be an added bonus to happiness, but it can never bring it, at least not on their own. They can just help a bit to kick start this feeling we are all hoping to understand.

Now the image bellow is probably very far away from the though I tried to put on a short and very modest text above, having in common just the money, but yet this was my wired and meaningless photographic conclusion. Also helps to keep the Black & White continuity of my posts.


2 responses

  1. You have a great eye for composition… can’t say this enough 🙂

    February 21, 2012 at 04:12

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