As the outside weather managed to keep me again inside and like that wasn’t enough, my TV set decided that was time to finally rest and refused to give any signs of life, I again got “creative” in my little makeshift studio (one dinner table, one tripod, one flash and some white sheets of paper) and with a minimum of a glass with water and some ink I started shooting. I gave myself some work to do with creating the splashes and cleaning all the water spilled all over the place but at the end these images were the outcome. I know these are not the best photos out there and I don’t know how well they project the lightly melancholic state I experienced at that moment in their artificial setting but I believe that my modest Sony A550 and an old but always dependable Minolta 50mm 1:1.7 lens did a pretty decent job. Decent enough to share it.

I will appreciate your effort to comment and critique.


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