Goodbye Freezing Landscapes

As I was decided to get out of the house and give smoke photography a brake, I ventured outside of my warm little house with a hope that I can bring back inside a bit of a “warmer” winter trough my images. So I joined my cousin and got moving. Once we got to the location….I was stunned by how unprepared I was and not with regard to my photo gear, but with my clothing gear….BRRRR….it was cold….freezing cold…(and words don’t do justice to how cold it was…). So with thick gloves on my hands which I couldn’t talk myself into removing, and with ice cold tears on my face from the wind that was so wildly blowing, I managed to squeeze couple of shots. I would of never dreamed to be two great amazing images, but hope that they render what and how I felt in that particular moment. Anyway you must look forward to much more smoke photos from me for the next couple of days…!!!!


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